Web Analytics

Online marketers are today looking at easy-to-use website analytics solutions to help them get real time information about visitor/customer behavior, to enable them enhance the performance of their web initiatives. Through integration of tried and tested 3rd party tools, our Web Analytics services can help eBusiness managers increase sales and conversions, optimize your online marketing initiative and increase customer retention. Our customers today use our web analytics services in four key areas:

  • eCommerce initiatives: to tap into a wealth of online intelligence and generate insights to increase online sales
  • Lead Generation: to measure the effectiveness of their lead generation initiatives in attracting potential customers
  • Content websites: to maximize the stickiness of the content and maximize traffic goals
  • Self-Service / Support initiatives: to enhance customer satisfaction and minimize infrastructure support costs

Besides consultancy services in all the above areas, our service portfolio also extends to providing clients with analytics report interpretations and recommendations to fine-tune website information architecture, navigation, content and design. If you would like to know more about how our expertise in this area can help your business grow. Contact us today!